Benefits of Attending Conventions

The benefits of attending conventions and conferences cover a range of headings.

Personal Contacts

We have the forum here which enables us to and have online personal and and, in some case, business contacts. But this can be really enhanced when developers meet in person. A personal connection, resulting from face-to-face contact often generates a higher level of trust that is more rare in strictly-online relationships. Communicating online, via email or in discussion forums, is a very flat medium. It is often difficult to discern someone's attitude, mood, or intention. Discussion group posts and email messages can easily be misinterpreted, and the intent of the message can be misunderstood… especially between different cultures. But when you meet someone in person, that often changes. In person meetings personalize relationships.

Network Opportunities

A convention provides a great opportunity to meet other wikidot developers. The contacts that result from conference networking opportunities can often result in partnerships or business exchanges. This will be more apparent for business wikis and

Meet Others With Similar Issues

Being a wikidot developer can be an isolating experience. Software conferences are the perfect venue to meet other developers, and discover other developers who may be struggling with similar issues. Or better yet, you may meet others who have already found solutions to problems that you are currently struggling with, and as a result you can benefit from their past experiences and knowledge.

Learn About Opportunities

Developers have a number of opportunities available to them. Conferences are often sponsored and attended by companies that offer a variety of distribution channels and marketing opportunities. And it is often an opportunity to see products and add-ons from related companies.

Increased Profile

Like a trade show, a wikidot conference might provide attendees an opportunity to gain exposure for their products and services, as well as for themselves.

Training & Knowledge

The workshop sessions at a conference are designed specifically to enable attendees to enhance their knowledge in specific areas, and most attendees will find they learn something.

Gain Press Exposure

Reviewers, bloggers and media representatives will often attend conferences, in search of new and exciting products, people, companies, and ideas. The conference atmosphere can personalize any press connections you have.

Get Inspired

Many developers will find that they have a renewed passion for developing their wikis after attending a conference and seeing what others do and what can be achieved.

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